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Since 2011, Justin has been providing professional, personalised services in Building Certification and Town Planning to Canberra clients who appreciate the difference this unique brand of responsive excellence makes to their projects.

Absolute Approvals was founded by Justin Whytcross, an expert in the assessment and approval of all classes of buildings, under the Building Code of Australia. Absolute Approvals experience spans across all building classifications from commercial projects to domestic residential developments. Justin has a proven track record on projects including large scale commercial and residential developments including apartments, industrial complexes medical centers and offices as well as shop, and restaurant fit outs and all types of residential projects. “Our services go hand in hand to help our clients from the planning stages through construction to completion. It’s so much easier for them to deal with the same company, especially when they’ve established a strong relationship with us,” said Justin. As a client of Absolute Approvals, you can be sure that expertise and experience will underpin all our service offerings – in addition to our approach that goes the extra mile for you.
Qualifications Qualifications
  • Accreditation from the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS)
  • Diploma of Building Surveying from Tasmania Polytechnic
  • Graduate Diploma of Building Surveying from the University of Western Sydney
  • Principal Building Surveyor (ACT)
Qualifications Registrations
  • Principal Building Surveyor, ACT (Licence No. 2019816)
  • A3 Building Surveyor (NSW) (Licence No. 2211)