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Building Certification

Absolute Approvals is a distinguished Building Certification company operating in Canberra, Sydney Melbourne and Regional NSW. With a commitment to ensuring compliance with the Building Code of Australia, Absolute Approvals offers a comprehensive and meticulous approach to building certification.

Led by experienced professionals, Absolute Approvals boasts extensive expertise across all building classifications. This expertise allows the company to offer specialised Building Certification and Building Code of Australia compliance advice for a wide range of projects, including Commercial developments, Residential developments, Shop fitouts, Warehouses, Offices, Medical facilities and more.

What sets Absolute Approvals apart is their dedication to providing personalized and transparent services. The team at Absolute Approvals guides clients through the intricacies of the approvals process, offering insights into the Building Code of Australia and ensuring clients are well-informed at every stage of construction, from project initiation to completion.

Whether advising on the Building Code of Australia, managing the approvals process, or offering expert guidance, Absolute Approvals combines professionalism with a meticulous approach. Clients can trust Absolute Approvals to navigate regulatory complexities, ensuring that their projects not only meet required standards but also reflect the highest level of quality and compliance.

With a reputation for precision, reliability, and a commitment to excellence, Absolute Approvals stands as a trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking a seamless and compliant construction experience in Australia.

Absolute Approvals

What We Can Do For You

Our extensive experience means that we provide services that include:

  • Building Certification of all building classifications – including building approvals and inspections
  • Assessment and Verification of Exempt Development Works (Residential and Commercial)
  • Preparation of preliminary and full Building Code of Australia (BCA) reports.
  • Building Code Compliance Assessments to Existing Buildings
  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Passive Fire Audits
  • Unit Title Assessment Reports (UTAR)